Customize products that are more comfortable

Just a few steps, let's help you customize products that are more in line with your own products.

Your hip width is *

The straight line outside the buttocks includes uncompressed soft tissue (not circumference).


Your hip distance is *

The vertical distance between the horizontal part of the bottom of the buttocks and the elbows.


Your thigh length is *

The straight distance from the last point of the buttocks to the rear of the knee is measured parallel to the thigh.


Your calf length is *

The maximum distance from the lower knee to the sole of the thigh (shoes) is parallel to the calf.


Your thigh height is *

The vertical distance from the contact surface of the seat to the highest point of the thigh.


The height of your shoulder is *

The distance from the hips to the hips to the internal angles of the scapula.

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